Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Past Performances

The Helix

28 November 2007–6 January 2008

Alice in Wonderland

adapted for the stage by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedya co-production between Landmark Productions and The Helix

Curiouser and curiouser, thought Alice, as she tumbled down the rabbit hole.

She’d never seen a bottle saying Drink Me before … or a Cat who was nothing but a grin … or a Duchess with a very strange baby indeed. What could it all mean?

Come down the rabbit hole with Alice (and the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and other friends) and join us in a wonderful, upside-down world where each surprise is bigger – or sometimes smaller – than the last.


Dr Hare / March Hare / King/ Frog Malcolm AdamsMrs Smithson / Duchess / Mock Turtle Barbara BrennanMiss Lilley / Mouse / Two of Hearts / Cook Niamh DalyDodgson / White Rabbit / Dodo Michael James FordEdith / Dormouse / Parrot Katharine FullamDr Trilby / Mad Hatter / Caterpillar / Gryphon Barry McGovernJack / Cheshire Cat / Knave / Duck Tadhg MurphyMrs Cruikshank / Queen of Hearts / Pigeon Clara SimpsonAlice Ailish Symons


Director Michael Barker-CavenSet Designer Jamie VartanCostume Designer Sinéad CuthbertLighting Designer Paul KeoganChoreographer Liz RocheMusic and Sound Denis Clohessy



‘children’s theatre of an exceptionally high standard’The Irish Times
‘great cast, lovely costumes, imaginative lighting and a wonderful story’ Irish Mail on Sunday
‘a jewel-bedecked piece of theatre’Irish Independent
‘beautiful costumes … fantastic characters … innovative sets’ Metro