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The Herald Scotland, 11/10/11

A motherís losses find an even greater emotional outpouring over at the Project Arts Centre in Testament, Colm Toibinís astonishing dramatic monologue, performed in Garry Hynesís pitch perfect production by a heart-rending Marie Mullen. Audiences walk along a path of sand to enter the auditorium, suggesting we too are on the road to Calvary.

When the false ceiling rolls back to reveal projections of dark clouds with the odd shaft of light piercing through, one could be fooled into thinking this to be Maryís story, rather than the bit-part player in the biblical legend it is actually about.

In a room bare except for a table and an empty chair, Mullen slowly unleashes a tale of warped miracles, and how the cause that robbed her of her boy made her look to the old, less dogmatic gods for comfort.

Thereís something elemental at play here, which Mullen captures in the quiet rhythms of her incantations. When she mimes crucifixion, the shadows she throws up look like sheís protecting her offspring in a performance so staggering as to be worth the trip to Dublin all by itself.