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75 Bath Avenue,
Dublin 4, Ireland.
+353 1 667 4684
Do you accept unsolicited scripts?
At any given time, Landmark has a number of projects at various stages of development and so, regrettably, it is not possible to consider new projects, or to read unsolicited manuscripts.

Iím an actor Ė can I send you a CV?
By all means; please email your CV and photo to [email protected].

Do you offer internships?
Internships are rare, but occasionally possible. Please email your CV with a note outlining your availability and area of interest to [email protected].

I would be interested in investing in one of your commercial productions Ė how can I learn more?
If youíve ever wanted to be a theatrical Ďangelí, this is your chance! Prospective investors are always welcome. For more information, please email Anne Clarke at [email protected].