How to Watch Ghosts

How to Watch Ghosts

Below you will find information about how to watch Ghosts by Mark O’Rowe on-demand, in your own time from anywhere in the world. If you have any additional questions, please email us directly here. Our digital performances are hosted by a third party called TicketCo. For an extensive list of FAQs please visit the Customer Support page on TicketCo’s website here or refer to our FAQs below.


How do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets to watch the show online here via TicketCo. Tickets must be booked by midnight Saturday 3 June (Irish time GMT).

How long do I have to watch the show?
Your ticket is valid for 14 days from when you first activate the link in your confirmation email. *You must activate it by midnight 3 June in order to watch the show. You can pause and restart the recording while you are watching it.

Is there a show programme?
Yes, you can download the free show programme here.

What is the running time of the show?
1 hour 40 minutes. There is no interval.

Accessibility: Are there captions and a programme note for visually impaired?
Yes, captions / subtitles are available by clicking on CC (closed captions) at the bottom right of the viewing window.

A programme note is available here. For patrons who are visually impaired, this serves as a spoken programme. The audio describes the cast, their physical characteristics and costumes, the set, as well as a brief introduction to the play itself. The programme note is also available in written form here.

How does Video On Demand work?
The on demand ticket is a recording of the live performance, which was filmed at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin on 3 May 2023.

There are different ticket prices – which one do I choose?
There are different ticket types to choose from to cover a wide range of needs. We encourage you to choose the ticket type that best suits your circumstances and to consider the Household ticket if you are watching with more than one person on the same device. Everyone will get the same experience regardless of which ticket type you choose.

I have bought a ticket but haven’t received my confirmation email
Please check your junk mail. If you’re booking from overseas, it is also possible that your bank might query the transaction and that you will see a ‘Payment pending’ on your account. You may need to contact your bank to approve the payment. Alternatively, please email us here. 

I can’t find my ticket

  • Search your email inbox for your TicketCo ticket. This was sent by ‘TicketCoAS’ when you purchased your ticket. The subject line will read ‘TicketCo ref number – your ticket for Ghosts’
  • Check your junk folder –  occasionally emails can land there

Is the show available to watch worldwide?
Yes. The show can be watched anywhere in the world. Please note that the advertised cut-off times for booking and watching the show are in Irish time (GMT). Please adjust for your local time zones. 

  • Please note – our digital performances are hosted by a third party called TicketCo. For an extensive list of FAQs please visit the Customer Support page on TicketCo’s website here or refer to our FAQs below.


You can watch on your TV, computer, tablet or phone using your web browser in the following ways:

  1. Retrieve your booking confirmation email that was sent by TicketCo AS. Click the video window in the email and you will be automatically brought to the streaming page and press play to start the show. If you click the window before 3 June, you will see the countdown clock. The video starts when the clock reaches 0.
  2. Open your web browser and please go to TicketCo’s TV Page here. Enter your 5 character Reference Code / Ticket code* and click done. You will then be redirected to the streaming page. Press play to start the show.

*To find your 5 character Reference / Ticket code, retrieve your booking confirmation email. This was sent by ‘TicketCoAS’ when you purchased your ticket. The subject line will read TicketCo ref number – your ticket for Walking with Ghosts’ 

3. To watch on your TV: For exact instructions on how to watch on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire or how to use Chromecast, please visit the TicketCo site here. We strongly recommend downloading the free TicketCo TV app for the best streaming experience. Please note: you will need TVOS 13.0+ on Apple TV, or Android TV version 7.0+ to use the app.


Can I share my ticket or access code with other people?
It is not possible to share your ticket. ​When you buy a ticket you will get a link with an access code to watch the show which can be used on one device only (phone, computer or TV). Once the code has been activated, it won’t be possible to log in on another device.


I have some technical questions

Q: I’ve logged in but the picture is frozen
A: Please​ ​click the play icon.

Q: The stream is not loading
A: Refresh your browser and click the play icon again.

Q: It’s still not working
A: Try an alternative internet browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Why is the stream not playing?
This may be for a variety of reasons:

  • A poor internet connection.
  • The web browser/device is not capable of multimedia hosting.
  • The web browser is out of date.

Trouble Shooting Technical Issues

  • If you see a black video or the video is not playing, please reload the page and then play the stream again.
  • Allowing the stream to play uninterrupted for 10-15 seconds can allow your browser to choose the best quality available for your internet connection. 
  • If you are still experiencing frequent buffering, try pausing the show for 10 seconds to allow the content to buffer before replaying.
  • Alternatively, try to view the show on a different device.
  • We recommend using the Google Chrome web browser to watch online. 

Please email us anytime directly here [email protected]

I still have more questions. Who do I contact?

For any ticketing or streaming queries please contact TicketCo support here. ​For any queries about the production itself, please email ​[email protected]

We hope you enjoy the show!